• Someone
  • Wanna know who?
  • Situation

    Reports indicated that a mysterious entity was surreptitiously spying on graduate students at the Rhode Island School of Design. While not a particular nuisance—graduate students were too sleep deprived to notice most of the time—administration believed the potential for maleficent malfeasance (or likely litigation) was too high to take no action. Our mission was to arm students with a way to assess for themselves how credible the threat was to their general educational experience at the school.


    Particularly disturbing was the location of the culprit’s action: the elevator lobby of the CIT Building. Our analysis revealed that most students have a one-way relationship with this lobby—constantly in a rush to get to take the elevators, they don’t pay much attention to their surroundings and have little familiarity with its infrastructure. They are even unaware of emergency medical and communication equipment situated on the walls.


    Further noticing that most occupants stand around looking at their smart phones while waiting for the elevator, we provided a technological intervention in the form of a mobile web application. Guided to the exact web url via a strategically placed announcement message, students gained the ability to discover the identity of the mysterious being. They retraced the recent path of the culprit by answering a series of questions whose answers were associated with architectural and signage elements throughout the lobby.

    Find clues on the map and chase the watcher! ↴

  • Outcome

    Students who completed all of the application’s questions successfully identified the mysterious being.

  • Create Your Own
  • Encouraged by their newfound tool, a community of messaging blossomed, further uniting students to take charge of their spatial and educational surroundings.

  • When you take a picture of what you found, the app stores it with its location and shows them as a thread on the map. In this way, you can create a message for others.
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